About Us

The Asian cities including Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, are developing rapidly these days.
On the other hand, there are cultural barriers in creative field for Asian companies’ growth.
Our mission as a creative consulting firm is to create a value of expanding business in Asia, by facing issues that many Asian companies are dealing with (including problems in decreasing population regions, advertising strategies and starting business for foreign markets, consumers’ trends of markets in Asian countries, media environments and production management costs), and consult/solve these problems from the creative perspective.

磯目 真也

Shinya Isome


Shizuoka - Japan

Worked in fresh-fish management and control business in 2007.
Engaged in website development utilizing carrier settlements from 2007-2010.
Engaged in development of carrier official e-books and video sites as well as administrative conservation in 2012.
Since 2012, has engaged in Vietnam offshore development as an SE.
Established NITRO TECH ASIA in Vietnam's central city Da Nang, serves as the representative and manages offshore bases of development.