Offshore Development

At NITRO TECH ASIA, we have carried out system development projects in Da Nang, Vietnam since 2013. The development of Asia and commissioned contract development has been our main business. Not only as a subcontractor of development, we have received support from many companies as a company that can take action anywhere and make your business project a success.

LABO Development Services

It is possible to establish LABO development in Vietnam, due to the great cost-performance factor. In order to ensure the successful introduction of LABO development, the key question is whether or not the new workflow and inter-team communication can be thoroughly managed before the process starts. Because we have successfully implemented LABO development several times, we have diligently improved our cost performance. Da Nang is the ideal base for LABO development.

Creative Development

It is possible for us to do work in such areas such as UI application design, website design, video and animation production. Some of these productions are multilingual, and this type of service can be deployed to the Southeast Asian market. As for our production services, it is possible for us to work with various languages, especially Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and other Asian languages.

Worry-free, reliable LABO development services.

NITRO TECH ASIA’s LABO development was made specifically for second-generation development. The planning and design is carried out by Japanese developers, and even among Vietnamese LABO development, the accuracy and speed of our development is at the top of our field, which is reflected by our cost performance. As a result of our many years of achievements with numerous partners, we have constructed both a development environment suited to Japan, as well as a development environment that is very easy for Vietnamese individuals to work in.

The Appeal of NITRO TECH ASIA’s LABO Development

NITRO TECH ASIA's LABO development is an ideal base point for enterprises that wish to positively develop within Asia and globally. In addition to our multilingual team that handles global services, as a development base we provide overwhelmingly great cost performance. We have numerous strengths that allow enterprises to tackle the global marketplace even with limited amounts of funding.